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Using Furnace Maintenance to Avoid Regular Repairs

Why Furnace Maintenance is Important

When it comes to your furnace and cold weather, your furnace being inoperable is not an option. And just like any well oiled machine, it requires regular maintenance to ensure that it is operating to the best of its ability. While we always recommend leaving the troubleshooting and repairing to our team of HVAC experts, there are a few things you can do to maintain your furnace and assess if your heating unit does in fact need repairs.

What is Furnace Maintenance

When it comes to furnace maintenance the question most homeowners ask themselves is: “Do I really need furnace maintenance service?” And the answer is yes! Most people only call for HVAC services after there is a problem and something goes wrong. But if you want to save money and stay comfortable, regular furnace maintenance is the answer.

What Furnace Maintenance Includes

Having regularly scheduled furnace maintenance involves checking all of the system’s essential components. This allows for technicians to make any adjustments, do any cleaning, testing, and lubrication of parts as needed. Some of the specific tasks that are carried out during this maintenance process include:

  • Inspection of the vent system along with the air intake grilles and removing any blockages that are present
  • Checking the heat exchanger to make sure there are no signs of corrosion or damage
  • Testing the amp and draw of the motor blower
  • Inspection of the various electrical connections and making any adjustments or replacements that may be needed
  • Checking the flame sensor and the burner
  • Examining the belts of the furnace for any signs of damage
  • Checking the air, filter, cleaning it, and replacing it as needed


If you have an oil or gas furnace there are some additional steps that are included in your furnace maintenance process.

How Often Should you have Furnace Maintenance

We know that it is hard to imagine having your furnace looked at repeatedly during the year. For some homeowners, their HVAC systems are at the bottom of their home to-do list until there is a problem.

But at Express Tech Air we strongly encourage you to have annual furnace checkups in order to keep your system running smoothly. However if the air quality of your home is something that is important to you, or if anyone in your home has a compromised immune system or respiratory issues, we recommend furnace maintenance two to four times a year.

Our team at Express Tech also recommends have your furnace maintenance before the cold season is upon us. This will allow you to feel at ease, knowing that your system is working correctly when you will need it the most.

The Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

There are so many benefits to regular maintenance on your furnace. Not only are you working to ensure the safety of your home and family but some of the other benefits include:

  • Saves You Money- Regular furnace maintenance helps to keep your heating system running as efficiently as possible. This efficiency will also result in saving monthly on your energy bills
  • Helps to Maintain the Warranty- Most furnace warranties include clauses that require the system to have regular maintenance. Make sure to check your furnace’s warranty because regular furnace maintenance is key to ensuring you have the coverage you may need down the road.
  • Minimizes the Risk of Unexpected Breakdowns: When you have regular furnace maintenance, smaller issues can be identified and fixed before they can become more serious problems. Regular furnace maintenance also means fewer system failures, and a smaller chance that you will be left with a broken furnace during the cold winter temperatures.

Steps you can Take to Help with Furnace Maintenance

There are some steps you can take on your own to help ensure your furnace is in perfect condition in between your professional furnace maintenance services.

Make Sure your Conditions are Safe

There are some steps you can take on your own to help ensure your furnace is in perfect condition in between your professional furnace maintenance services.

Clean and Replace the Filter System

The filter system is a major component of your furnace because it works to keep dirt and other debris from entering the machine. We highly recommend that you pay attention to the filters in your furnace throughout the year on a continuous basis. Our technicians pay close attention to your filters during your regularly scheduled professional furnace maintenance but it is important that throughout the year you are taking measures to ensure that a build up of dirt and debris doesn’t occur.

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat is something that is overlooked by many homeowners when they think their furnace is not working. Make sure that you take the time to check your thermostat to ensure everything is working properly, because chances are this could be the source of your problems. 

Clean or Repair Furnace Ducts

Furnace ducts are prone to damage especially if the system is forced-air. That is why it is important for your system to be cleaned regularly. Once you are done cleaning them make sure you cover all ducts to prevent air from leaking into the furnace. Making sure these ducts are clean will ensure fewer issues during your professional furnace service.

Clean the Vents

Most gas furnaces are hooked with a venting system. And at some point, this ventilation system can become blocked due to large amounts of debris and dust. Blocked vents are extremely hazardous to your home and your health so it is important to pay attention to them throughout the year.

Scheduling your Furnace Maintenance

At Express Tech Air your homes comfort and safety is our number one priority. Which is why we recommend professional furnace maintenance services. Our service combined with a little bit of TLC on your end will help you save money and sleep soundly knowing your furnace is working correctly and efficiently. Contact us today for more information on scheduling your furnace maintenance appointment!

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