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Our HVAC Services Explained

So, you think you need HVAC services but you aren’t really sure where to begin. We get it! The world of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning can be a little complicated; which is why we want to take you through all of the services that make up this very HVAC industry!

For us at Express Tech, making sure your home and work space heating and air is working properly is extremely important. It is because of that we offer both residential and commercial services! To start, lets jump in to all things HVAC related in your home and the HVAC services that go along with it!

Residential HVAC Services

With COVID-19 we have been spending a lot more time in our houses. Because of this, it is now more important than ever to ensure that your air conditioning and heating are running properly and that your indoor air quality is at it’s very best. So let’s break things down just a little bit more.

Residential Heating

In Virginia the weather turns cold almost overnight. We go from 80 degree days to 60 degree days and then 30 degree nights. Which is why we focus on having quick and reliable heating and HVAC services available to you as soon as the cold temperatures roll in. The heating services we provide cover a wide range, from furnace repair and furnace maintenance, to furnace installation. 

We rely on our heating systems to keep us warm and comfortable during the winter season. When your furnace is working hard to heat your home it is more likely to experience some heating deficiencies. That is why we suggest regular tune ups. The benefits to scheduling checkups is to reduce the possibilities for your system breaking down and will help to restore the efficiency of your system.

Speaking of heating system problems…Has your system been making weird noises? Has your energy bill been getting higher? If you answered yes to either of those questions, it could mean that your furnace is in need of a repair. We will work with you to inspect your system and then diagnose the problem. Making sure that we talk with you about any issues we may find and what our plan is to fix them and coming up with a customized HVAC service package unique to your homes needs.

Our last category of heating related HVAC services revolves around a complete furnace revamp. If your furnace is getting older in age, it is time to seriously start thinking about an upgrade. We will work with you every step of the way of the furnace installation process.

Residential Cooling

As we head into the cooler months your air conditioning probably won’t be running as often as it was during the peak of summer. But that doesn’t mean that the servicing stops when you shut it off, this is why regular HVAC services are important to your homes efficiency. We not only provide air conditioning repair, but we also provide air conditioning maintenance and replacement. Your air conditioning systems needs regularly scheduled maintenance to make sure it is running correctly and to help in preventing further problems down the road. When you schedule a tune up our certified technicians will inspect your system and work to make sure you are getting the maximum performance for your dollar.

If you notice that your air conditioning bills are getting higher during the summer months, it could be due to an outdated air conditioning unit. That means that your unit is working twice as hard to keep your family and your home cool. If it is time for you to replace your HVAC system we will work with you to inspect your system, and to discuss what your energy goals with the new unit are.

Residential Air Quality

You may not realize this, but the quality of air indoors matters just as much as the quality of air outdoors! At Express Tech Air, we offer HVAC services and solutions that can improve the air quality and reduce the level of pollution within your home. This helps you to breathe easy, knowing that you and your family are safe from harmful toxins in the air.

For air purification we focus our energy in four different areas, whole house air purification, whole house humidification, whole house dehumidification, and whole house air sterilization.

Whole House Air Purification

When it comes to getting down to business and cleaning the air inside your home there are options that we offer for HVAC services , electronic air cleaners or filter-based cleaners. Both of these options offer a high performance removal of dust, dirt, pollen, and bacteria each season with very little upkeep, maintenance and effort on your end. Electronic air cleaners are the most efficient systems to use and what is even better is that they are easy to use as well. However for most people the filter based air cleaner system is more affordable and just as efficient as the electric one. Ultimately there is no wrong choice between the two and we will work with you to decide which system is best for your homes needs.

Whole House Humidification

We have all experienced the cracked dry skin that comes with the colder months, but we don’t realize that that same dry air is affecting us in our homes. If you find that your skin is drying out and you are applying lotion way too frequently, a humidifier can help fix that discomfort and keep your skin softer and warmer during the winter. Humidifiers also work to keep you healthy, which is more important than ever right now. If you get sick and your sinuses are dried out, you will have a much harder time recovering, a house humidifier system will make sure that your skin stays hydrated and that your sinuses stay healthy.

Whole House Dehumidification

On the opposite end it is important that your air is not too moist because there are a number of problems that can arise from excessive moisture in the air. Mold and mildew growth are two examples of problems that can occur, and it doesn’t take much extra moisture in the air for mold and mildew to develop. If your home has a lot of wood (structural pieces, flooring and furniture) you are susceptible to rot developing on the wood. An excessive amount of humidity within the home will never allow for the air to feel as cool and dry as it should. Meaning you may end up turning your thermostat down further and further to achieve a comfortable setting and making your bill rise higher and higher over time. Having regularly scheduled HVAC services and maintenance can help reduce your heating and cooling costs significantly.

We understand that every home’s needs are different, and we want to make sure that your home is at its most comfortable. If you are experiencing any of the issues we have discussed above or want to prevent any of these issues from arising, give us a call, we would love to help with our unique and customizable HVAC services.