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The Importance of Commercial Air Filtration

Air quality is one of the most important things in commercial spaces. With COVID-19 on the rise once more and new variants beginning to infect more of the population, it is now more important than ever to make a change before you or your employees get sick. Commercial air filtration protects against these dangerous particles and ensures that everyone has clean air to breathe during their workday. This blog post will break down everything you need to know about commercial air filters, commercial air filtration, and how proper filtration can protect your business from airborne illnesses like COVID-19!

Stopping Airborne Illnesses with Commercial Air Filtration

commercial air filtration

Airborne illnesses have always been a threat in commercial spaces, but with new variants of COVID-19 coming out and more people being infected it is now even more important to make sure that your business has proper commercial air filtration. These viruses are transmitted through the air when someone coughs or sneezes nearby, which means that if you don’t have commercial air filtration you are putting your employees, customers, and the general public at risk. Airborne illnesses like COVID-19 can be deadly to anyone that is exposed to it; these airborne viruses will live in your commercial space for up to 48 hours before they die out. This means that if someone comes into contact with these particles, they will be exposed to the virus without knowing it.

Commercial Air Filtration: The Importance of a Clean Environment

The importance of commercial air filtration is crucial to protecting your employees and customers from airborne illnesses like COVID-19. In order for commercial air filters to do their job correctly, they need a constant supply of fresh outside air being pulled into the building through an exterior or roof-mounted commercial ventilation system. This constantly moving air creates buoyant updrafts that are able to pull in new clean outdoor air before it has a chance contact with any people inside your commercial space; this means that if you have proper commercial ventilation systems running then all those nasty viruses can’t live long enough on

Types of Commercial Air Filtration Systems

There are a lot of commercial air filtration systems on the market, but not all commercial ventilation systems will solve your problem. For example; HEPA filters and standard commercial ventilators can trap particles in their filter mediums which means that COVID-19 could still be inside your building just waiting to get out again! This is why it’s important to make sure you choose the right system for commercial spaces when deciding how best to protect yourselves from these deadly airborne viruses.

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HEPA Filters for Your Commercial Space

HEPA commercial air filters are the most effective commercial filtration system on the market. These commercial ventilation systems trap 98% of particles that come into contact with them, which means no one in your building will be exposed to these airborne diseases again! With COVID-19 decontamination being a major concern for many businesses it is important to take every step possible to ensure you have commercial air filtration installed so that everyone can breathe fresh clean air without any risk.

Fiberglass Filters for Your Commercial Space

Another type of commercial air filter is a fiberglass filter. This commercial air filter is very different from the first type of commercial air filter, and it can be more expensive. A fiberglass commercial air filter uses a porous fabric material that has been saturated with adhesive to trap particles before they enter your business space.

Other Options for Your Commercial air Filtration

There are many commercial air filter types that can be used in your environment to keep those contaminants out of the space where you work and live! Here is a list of commercial filtration systems: Air Filtration Units, Commercial Vacuum Cleaners, Ceiling Mounted Filters, Centrifugal Pumps/Compressors with Filters, Dust Collectors (Wet or Dry), Electronic Ionizers for Smoke Control Systems, Extraction Hoods With Hose Connections and Exhaust Outlets Underneath Them; Fabric Wrapped Fiberglass Cartridges Used as Combinations of HEPA & Carbon Filtration Media; High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) Filters; Negative Air Machines with High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) Filtration Media and Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges, Positive Air Machines or HEPA Units.

How Does Commercial Air Filtration Work?

Filters are one way to keep contaminants out of our indoor environment by trapping them in small pores on their surface while allowing clean filtered air to make its way through. The dirtier the outside world, the cleaner we want our breathing environment inside! Commercial filters come in many varieties for various applications such as outdoor dust control or waterborne pathogens removal efficiency (WBE) where you may need an N100 filtering face mask respirator or HEPA vacuum seal during commercial construction.

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What Commercial Air Filters do I Need?

The type of commercial filtration system you need will depend on the environment it is going to be used in! For example, if your commercial space has a lot of foot traffic coming through constantly then using an electronic ionizer for smoke control systems would be best. But if you are only looking at one central location that needs filtering out of COVID-19 particles from outside then perhaps something like a high-efficiency particulate arresting filter would work best. You should contact a commercial air filter company for commercial air filtration systems to find out what commercial filters will work best for your type of business.

Air Filtration systems can be expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment.

Do you Really need an Air Filtration System?

There are many signs that suggest commercial air filtration would be beneficial to your company’s health and productivity. You may want to consider commercial ventilation systems if:

The Benefits of Commercial Air Filtration for Your Business

There are many benefits that come along with proper air filtration in your commercial space, some of these benefits include:

Let Us Take Care of Your Business' Air Filtration Needs!

Air quality and commercial space protection from airborne illnesses like COVID-19 are two things that should never be overlooked. By making sure you choose proper commercial ventilation systems and install a HEPA filter or similar product then all those nasty viruses won’t even stand a chance. Contact us today for more information about our commercial air filtration services.