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It’s Time to Winterize Your HVAC System

Winter is right around the corner, and if you haven’t already started taking the steps to winterize your HVAC system, now’s the time to start! Winterization is a process that works to prevent damage or injury from occurring in your heating and cooling systems during cold weather. This process also often includes ensuring that all outdoor units are properly drained and insulated before the cold weather of winter hits.

Everyone knows that proper maintenance is key when it comes to prolonging the life of any machine and your HVAC system is no different. If you aren’t sure how to take the proper precautions to winterize your HVAC system don’t worry, we have some tips to help you through the process.

Tips to Winterize Your HVAC System

Before you can begin taking the steps to winterize your HVAC system, you will want to have your system inspected. And the best time to do this is during the shoulder seasons of spring and fall. With the fall season here, having an inspection will ensure that your system is running perfectly before you need it the most.

Some other things you can do to winterize your HVAC system include:

Installing Additional Insulation

A home that is well insulated is a home that is efficient. The more insulation you have in your home, the less cool air outside will seep into your house. Having proper insulation is key to not only energy efficiency but also preventing damage from occurring within your HVAC system and is a great way to winterize your HVAC system. While you are taking these steps you should also have an HVAC technician inspect your attic for any insulation that has deteriorated over time and replace it if necessary.

termal insulation installing at the attic insulation of the house

Create Climate Zones

As you may know, cold air collects on the ground level and heat rises, so if you live in a home with multiple stories you may find that your upper-level floor is much warmer during the winter time. One way to prevent this and winterize your HVAC system is by creating climate zones. These climate zones can be created in a few different ways, the old school way to do this is to close a few vents on the second floor of your home in order to force your heating system in order to direct more air downstairs.

However, a more modern solution for this is to have an HVAC professional install a climate zone system and wireless sensors. These small devices are attached to the vents in your home and allow you to control them all from one central hub, and direct heated and cooled air where ever it is needed most. The system utilizes your home’s unique temperature patterns to control your heating and cooling, helping to keep your temperature comfortable throughout your entire home.

Turn Your Furnace on at Least Three Times Before Winter Arrives

Another thing that is important for you to do in order to winterize your HVAC system is to make sure to turn on your furnace at least three times before the coldest days of winter arrive. This is because the best offense is a great defense and allows you to check that everything is operating as it should be. You can do this by setting your thermostat to your home’s desired winter temperature and letting it reach that temperature before turning the air off.

Change Your Air Filters and Clean Your Vents

take care of your furnace / winterize your HVAC system

One of the simplest things you can do to winterize your HVAC system is to change your air filters. If you are using disposable filters, make sure that they are changed on a monthly basis during the Winter months and every other month in Summer.

If disposable filters aren’t an option for you, there are also reusable options available on the market as well. These filters are great because they can be vacuumed clean and reused, helping to save you money in the long run.

In addition to changing your air filter, it is also important that you inspect all of the vents within your home for any blockages or obstructions before Winter begins. Blocked vents could lead to reduced airflow and reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system, which could lead to further issues.

While taking the time to prepare your HVAC system before winter arrives, it’s also important not to forget about taking care of your furnace during the winter months as well. While you are likely checking on it regularly, there may be some things that go unnoticed until they become an issue.

For example, if your furnace isn’t running as well as it should or is making strange noises this may be a sign that you need to call in the professionals. If your HVAC system experiences problems like these during the winter months they can lead to expensive repairs and even more costly issues down the road, so make sure that you keep an eye on this and call in a professional to check it out if necessary.

Winterize and Cover Your Outdoor AC Unit

Our last tip when you are winterizing your HVAC system is to cover your outdoor HVAC unit to help protect your unit against ice, snow, and other debris. It is important to winterize this part of your HVAC system because when the weather warms up again in spring, it might be a safety hazard for anybody who comes into contact with the unit while it’s still cold outside. In addition, if something happens with this piece of the system it won’t be able to do its job and keep your home comfortable. Winterizing this part of your HVAC system is as simple as using a tarp or covering over it with some other type of material that will protect against the elements without impeding airflow.

Let us Help you Winterize Your HVAC System

Express Tech Air is a team of HVAC professionals that specialize in heating and cooling system installation, service, as well as repair. Our staff has many years of experience working on all types of systems and can help you winterize your home’s HVAC system so it runs efficiently this Winter season. We understand how important it is to take the proper precautions in order to protect your system and keep it running smoothly all winter long and are here to help! Contact us today for all of your HVAC maintenance needs! 

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