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Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Furnace

When it comes to comfort, you don’t want to cut corners which is why it can be extremely important to upgrade your furnace from time to time. Whether you are a commercial building owner or a homeowner, the cold of winter will affect you, and having a furnace that can’t keep up can and will cause a whole lot of discomfort. Homes and building spaces change, and so should the equipment in them. A new furnace will not only provide you with a more comfortable living and working space, but it can also save you money on your monthly utility bills! So how do you know that it’s time to upgrade your furnace?

Knowing When it's Time to Upgrade Your Furnace

Your heater is one of the most important components of any building whether it be a home or a commercial space. If you upgrade your furnace, it can increase the comfort of your space while also saving you money! If any of these signs sound familiar to you, then now is probably a good time to upgrade your furnace and inquire about our furnace replacement services.

Performance Problems

upgrade your furnace

If your furnace is working really hard to keep up, then it may be time to upgrade. If you find that when the weather gets colder outside and inside of your building stays hot while your heater works harder than usual, this could mean a few things: there’s something wrong with your unit or not enough insulation in place. During the winter months, it is important for your space to be properly insulated, especially around the windows and doors. This will help prevent heat loss too!

Uneven Temperatures

Is one side of your home or building warmer than the other? This could be a sign that either there’s something wrong with your furnace and it’s not heating as effectively as it should, or that there is a problem with your insulation. During the winter months especially, we want to make sure our homes are warm enough but also don’t lose too much heat.

Dry or Dusty Air

If your furnace is not running how it should, then the air inside of your home will be dry and dusty. This could cause problems with allergies or other breathing difficulties for people living in your space. When you upgrade to a new unit, this problem will go away too and you can say goodbye to dry and dusty air.

Increased Energy Bills

If your energy bills have been unusually high then it is most likely time for you to upgrade your furnace. If you find that during the winter months, even when your furnace is working hard but unable to produce the correct amount of heat your system is most likely overwhelmed. Often times if your system is older it is not as energy efficient which can also be contributing to your higher bills. Taking the time to talk with an HVAC specialist about a new, energy-efficient furnace will help keep you warm all winter long and also give you lower heating bills too.

Strange Noises

If you are hearing strange noises coming from your unit or some rattling around inside, then it’s time to pick up the phone and call a certified HVAC technician! These noises could be a sign that there is something wrong with the equipment and trying to repair this issue yourself can cost more money in repairs. It is best if you upgrade right away before things get out of hand and you end up spending more money than necessary.

Unpleasant Odors

The last thing you want to happen is for your system to start smelling really bad. This usually means that there are mold or bacteria growing inside of it which can cause health problems if not repaired immediately. If this goes on for too long, a technician coming out and cleaning everything thoroughly may not be able to salvage your unit and you will be left with more unpleasant odors wafting through the air. Because of this, it is important to address any unpleasant odors you encounter right away. An HVAC technician will either be able to clean your furnace or help you upgrade your furnace and heating system.

Constant Repairs

If your furnace is constantly in need of repairs, then it may be best to upgrade it right away. If you are spending more time and money on repairing old equipment, then upgrading to a new furnace may be much less expensive when compared to the amount you are spending on repairs every year. Our team at Express Tech Air will help you weigh the pros and cons of keeping your current furnace versus taking the time to upgrade your furnace so you can make the decision that is best for you and your space.

upgrade your furnace

If Your Unit is Over 10 Years Old it's Time to Upgrade Your Furnace

Your home’s furnace is an important aspect of your living space, but it can’t do the job properly if you have not kept up with regular maintenance or repairs. If you are noticing any of these signs, upgrade to a new energy-efficient unit so that your family will be safe and comfortable in their own living environment.

At Express Tech Air, our team of HVAC technicians are here to help upgrade your furnace with a new high-efficiency system so that you can reduce heating costs and enjoy the benefits of an energy-efficient unit. Contact us today for more information about our heating replacement services!

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