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Tips to Save on Your Heating Bills This Winter

Whether or not you are ready, winter is right around the corner, which means that you have to start thinking about switching your HVAC system over to heat. And it is no secret that paying to keep your entire house warm throughout the cold isn’t cheap. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways for you to save on your heating bills this winter and our team at Express Tech Air has some tips to help you do just that!

Ways to Save on Your Heating Bills

The first thing that may come to mind when you are thinking of ways to save on your heating bill is keeping the system off for long stretches of time, but that’s actually not the most efficient way to reduce your heating costs. Here are some of the best ways that you can start to save on your heating bills during the cold.

Use a Space Heater

Using a space heater in the room you are currently occupying will save on your heating bills without having to turn down the heat for the entire house. This is because it takes much less energy to keep one room warm than an entire home!

Use Ceiling Fans

This may sound strange, but using your ceiling fans can actually help you save on your heating bills. However, there is a little bit of a catch. Instead of having your fan spin counterclockwise, you will want to have it spin clockwise. The reason is that heat rises, and changing your fan to a clockwise rotation will help to pull that warm air down. To change the rotation of your fan it is pretty simple, it can be switched on the ceiling fan itself by a little switch on the base of the fan.

save on your heating bills

Buy Curtains and Shades

About 30% of heating loss in a home happens through the windows and having thick curtains and shades can help you keep the cold air at bay. Just make sure to choose curtains and shades that are thick enough to ensure that heat is unable to escape through any small openings.

Wear Warm Clothing

Wearing warmer clothes indoors will make you not want to crank up the heat in your home as much. For example, instead of wearing a t-shirt and shorts in the house, you could wear yoga pants or sweatpants. Not only will this save on your heating bills but it also ensures that you are staying warm!

Seal up Air Leaks to Save on Your Heating Bills

Having a number of air leaks in your home can not only save on heating costs but will save you money during the summer months as well! Take the time to check out your walls, windows, doors, outlets, and switches for any escaping air. One way to test this is by doing this age-old candle test. All you have to do is light a candle and hold the flame near a window or door, and if the flame pulls towards the window or door then you most likely have a leak!

Program the Thermostat

Most people don’t realize that when you set your thermostat to save on heating costs it needs to be programmed, and if not then the energy-saving settings will not kick in. To save money on your heating bill programming your thermostat is an absolute must!

save on your heating bills

Spend Some Time Cooking and Baking

When you are cooking and baking your home will heat up, which in turn saves on heating costs. While this isn’t the most efficient way to save money on heating it is certainly one of the more effective ways if you aren’t trying to save big bucks but just want some extra warmth.

Shut Doors in Unused Rooms

When a room is not in use, make sure to shut the doors as this will save on heating costs. This goes for hallways as well as you can save money by closing the door between rooms when they are vacant.

Replace Filters to Save on Your Heating Bills

Changing your filters every month will save you money on heating costs as well as ensure that your system is running efficiently. Dirty filters can force your system to work harder and use more energy, which will force your furnace to work even harder to keep your home warm.

Keep an Eye on Your Fireplace

You may be tempted to light your fireplace to stay warm and in hopes that it will help you save on your heating bills. However, the heat from the fireplace will most likely only heat the room that it is in, and will most likely just make the rest of your house colder. Even when you are not using the fireplace, it can still suck out warm air through the chimney, making it important to close your damper after use. Making sure to keep an eye on your fireplace during the cold season will help you save on your heating bills while also making sure that the proper safety precautions are taken with your fireplace.

Let in Some Light

When the sun comes out you should open your blinds to let the light in. The sunlight that comes in from your windows will work to give your home some heat in an old-fashioned way. And if your home is already warm then your heat won’t have to kick in, helping you save on your heating bills. However, it is important to make sure once the sun goes away in the evening you close the blinds and curtains in order to trap the heat inside.

Make sure Your HVAC System is in Tip-Top Shape

Our last tip for saving on your heating bills this winter is by making sure your HVAC system and furnace are all in tip-top shape. This means having a professional come out and take a look at your furnace before the coldest days of winter arrive. Doing this will ensure that your furnace is working properly and not exerting too much energy to keep your home warm this fall and winter season.

save on your heating bills

Our Team at Express Tech Air is Here to Help

The last thing we want is for you to spend hundreds of dollars on your electric bills this winter which is why we are here to help. Contact our team today to set up a heating inspection to make sure your furnace is working as efficiently as possible and take the time to study these tips to help you save on your heating bills this winter!

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