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Your AC Isn’t Working, Now What?

With the heat of summer almost upon us, you need your air conditioner to be working and running without a hitch. However, even the best air conditioners can run into issues here and there. So if your air conditioning isn’t working don’t fret, our team at Express Tech Air is here to help. Let’s look at a few reasons why your AC isn’t working the way it should be.

Why Your AC Isn't Working

Your Air Filters are Clogged

Clogged air filters are one of the most commons reasons why your AC isn’t working. And unlike other AC issues, this is one of the only issues that homeowners have the power and ability to fix. Your air conditioner can be producing all the cold air in the world, but if your filters are clogged with dirt or other debris then your home is unable to cool down. Thus creating a vicious cycle where your AC continues trying to cool but it simply can’t.

Some air filters are reusable and made to be cleaned, if this is the case with your filters then you should make a plan to clean them once every month in the summer. We recommend vacuuming it to remove any dust and dirt that has built up. If your filter is not reusable you’ll want to regular change and replace it to avoid your filters from being clogged.

Your Thermostat is Defective

Another common reason why your AC isn’t working centers around a lack of maintenance or fault within the system. However, in some cases, the problem can be that your thermostat is sending the wrong temperature readings to your air conditioner. This can happen in one of two ways:

The first is that your thermostat is telling your AC unit that the home is cool enough even when it really isn’t. Because of this the air conditioner doesn’t turn on or respond when you lower the temperature. Instead, the thermostat is telling your air conditioner that it is hot causing it to run constantly to achieve the desired temperature.

AC isn't working

The second is that your thermostat is unresponsive and the connection between the air conditioner and your thermostat is on the fritz. If this is the case you will have to call in a professional technician to examine your air conditioning unit.

Coolant Problems

Coolant is what keeps your air conditioner running. The coolant moves heat and energy out of your home and outside in order to cool your home’s interior. Coolant is located in a closed loop system because it is toxic and because it is what drives energy-efficient cooling. If your coolant is the reason your air conditioning isn’t working it is most likely because you have a leak. If this is the case you want to make sure that it is taken care of quickly and properly.

The Condenser Coils Are Dirty

Another common reason why your air conditioning isn’t working is that your condenser coils are loaded with dirt and other debris. If this is the case those dirty coils are preventing your air conditioner from cooling your home efficiently.

Condenser coils are responsible for dissipating heat outside during the cooling process. If they are clogged and dirty then they are unable to effectively cool your home. If your condenser coils are the source of the problem it can cause your system to overheat and shut down completely. To avoid this you can schedule regular HVAC maintenance before the summer heat.

Your Air Compressor is Faulty

One reason that your air conditioner is unable to properly cool the room could be due to a defect with the air compressor. The air compressor is the main cooling feature of your air conditioner so if it is defective there’s no wonder why your AC isn’t working. The air compressor is simply a motor that compresses the coolant and then circulates the coolant through the condenser coils and the evaporator. If the compressor is faulty then your air conditioner will be unable to cool the room completely.

Your Air Conditioner Isn't the Right Size

AC isn't working

Unlike the other items that we have mentioned, if your air conditioning unit is too big or too small then there isn’t much that you can do. However, this could be the reason that your system is not running efficiently. If your unit is too small then it will have to be constantly running in order to keep the space cool. And because of that, it doesn’t keep your room the cool temperature that you would like. On the other hand, if your air conditioning unit is too big then it will have trouble running smoothly. After turning on it will run, quickly reduce the temperature and then shut off, and in order for your system to keep your home cool, it will have to repeat that process over and over again.

It is Extremely Hot Outside

Realistically your home’s AC unit can only cool your home about 20-30 degrees. While some can cool the air much more than that, at some point you’re running your air conditioner in a way that is inefficient. So if it is a hot summer day where temperatures are reaching into the hundreds it is likely that your air conditioning isn’t working because it is simply too hot. If this is the case try not to panic, your system is doing its very best and while you may not need a repair you may want to call an HVAC technician to adjust your thermostat to account for these high temperatures.

Let us Help When Your Air Conditioning isn't Working

If your AC isn’t working and you’re not sure what to do next give our team at Express Tech Air a call. We will send one of our certified technicians to come and make sure your system is running properly and is able to keep you cool all summer long!